Terms of Use

From time to time, Workers’ Voice will ask you to share information like your email address, zip code and what political and legislative fights are important to you. All voluntarily provided information information will be used to make sure you’re getting relevant information that you care about.

Additionally, through an entirely secure process, we collect information required by the Federal Election Commission on our contribution forms when someone contributes to Workers’ Voice.

For our website analytics, we collect information about site visits as well: how long an individual visited WorkersVoice.org, pages clicked, and length of the visit. None of your personal information is stored using Google Analytics. However, we may also collect information through “cookies” that stores information about your visit to Workers’ Voice on your computer. We use that data through third party vendors like Google to place ads on websites based on your visit to ours. You can erase cookies or block them through your browser.

We will never sell your information to third party groups or organizations.

Finally, if you have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact info@workersvoice.org. That’s a real email address that someone checks so you can ensure you’re question will be responded to.

Privacy Policy last updated on April 11, 2012.