About rePurpose

rePurpose comes from a simple vision: give activists and volunteers a meaningful voice in directing our work, and they will make our movement stronger.

When you take action with Workers' Voice to help elect progressive candidates, you earn points that can be redeemed to make key decisions about how we build our program. Whether it's knocking on doors in your community, making calls from home, or taking action online, there's no shortage of ways for you to get started today.

rePurpose is a revolutionary step in democratizing the political process, so everyday people who take the most action can do more than be a volunteer. With rePurpose, you can be a strategist who actually decides how resources are spent in key states.

Within rePurpose, everyone is included, and all of us have ownership over what we’re building. Together, we’re directing a movement that’s built by and for all of us.

How It Works

The idea is simple: The people who do the work of our movement should have a voice in leading it.

Whenever you do the hard work of organizing at your local office--knocking on doors, making phone calls (or even online actions like signing petitions), you’ll earn points for each action you take. On this site, you can use those points to make key decisions about how to build our program. It’s easy to get points--any action you take through our program is worth points in rePurpose.

In the field

When you walk into your local office, your organizer will ask you to sign in on a card using your e-mail address. Using that e-mail address, we’ll generate a rePurpose account for you. Your volunteer coordinator will make sure all of the actions you take while you’re in the office, whether it’s knocking doors, making calls or registering voters, are credited to you, using bar codes that match your activity (on canvass packets and call sheet, for example) to your sign-in card. When your organizer enters the data from the day, your rePurpose account will get credited based on your activity for the day, and you’ll receive an e-mail from rePurpose letting you know that it’s time to log on and decide how you want to spend your points.

We’ll do our best to make sure the data all get entered and loaded within 24 hours--but please be patient! It can sometimes take a while to make sure we’ve got all the information in the system correctly. Sometimes this might mean that your account takes a few days to get credited. If you’ve waited a few days and don’t see your points, please email help@workersvoice.org and let us know what’s missing.

Keep in mind that different activities are worth different amounts. As we build rePurpose, we may find that we need to adjust some of these numbers. If that happens we’ll make sure to post an update to make sure this process stays an open and transparent.

The breakdown is below:

Points chart

Spending points, aka rePurposing

On the rePurpose page, you can choose how to direct the campaign, whether it’s making calls in support of a particular candidate, buying online ad, or sending direct mail. Don’t see what you think we should be doing? Make a suggestion! When you rePurpose an item, your account will be debited the number of points that that item costs.

Different items cost different amounts, depending on a few different factors, such as the amount of staff time needed to create or change something (such as a phonebank script or a canvass turf) or the actual cost of the item (such as an online ad or direct mail piece).

You’ll notice that even within some things that look similar, there are a few different options, such as “adopting” and “sponsoring” field activities like phonebanks and canvasses. Here’s what that means: Because we have an ongoing field program, as we launch rePurpose, some phonebanks and canvasses are already happening. These activities you can “adopt”--you’ll get a call from an organizer to let you know how it’s going, and the organizer will letlvolunteers know that this event has been “adopted.”

“Sponsoring” an item is actually deciding what the field activity is going to be if it’s not already planned. That means that we’ll actually change our program or set up a new activity. This requires a lot of work from staff on the ground, so it’s worth a lot more points.

As we build rePurpose, we may find that we need to adjust some of these numbers. If that happens we’ll make sure to post an update to make sure this stays an open and transparent process. We'll be posting a chart of the point value of each redeemable activity soon.

You’ll receive a call or an e-mail when your item has been “shipped” -that is, when your phonebank is taking place or your Google ad is up and running. If you don’t receive confirmation, e-mail help@workersvoice.org.

Suggested items

If you don’t see an item you want to rePurpose your points for, you can suggest it. We’re excited to hear what ideas you have! Not every item that gets suggested will be approved, but we’ll let you know what happens to your suggestion.

As a project of Workers’ Voice and the AFL-CIO, points can only be used to support candidates who are endorsed by the local labor council, state federation or national AFL-CIO.

Transferring points

You may transfer your points to other users once you’ve accumulated a certain amount yourself. This way you can combine forces with your friends to rePurpose your points together.

Is this available to everyone?

This is a brand new program, so for right now, the field component (earning points by canvassing or phonebanking in an office) is only available in states with Workers’ Voice offices. Anyone, however, can earn points by using our Friends and Neighbors tool and rePurpose their points online.